LOTUS attended at China Refrigeration Exhibition 2017

LOTUS attended at China Refrigeration Exhibition 2017

Our company participated in the China Refrigeration Exhibition held at the Shanghai World Expo from April 12th to 14th. Center, the company has exhibited the technology and equipment displayed in this exhibition for the past year.

The slim thin air blowers for residential use that were launched at the show were widely concerned by designers, real estate engineers, and air-conditioning installation companies because of their features such as ultra-thin, high-efficiency, and quietness. Compared with the common new fan on the market, this new fan has the same air volume:

1, small size, occupying a small installation space.

2, the body thickness to achieve thin, more suitable for residential air system, so that your ceiling height is minimized.

3. The design of the machine inspection port can realize a smaller installation space, and the maintenance is simple and convenient, and an efficient full-thermal-exchange core is used to achieve more energy-saving.

4, can achieve a quiet environment to breathe fresh air. This product will be more suitable for residential and villa installation. It is the first choice for residential fresh air and heat recovery.

As a company that possesses top-notch technologies for domestic heat recovery and ventilation equipment, the company fully demonstrates the energy-saving effect of heat recovery and the application of original patented technology in the fresh air system through on-site demonstrations. The company’s newly developed core component, the plate heat exchanger, is subjected to With the high attention of domestic and foreign professionals and the media, our company has responded to market demands and advanced heat recovery technology to meet the different needs of customers. Each time a wonderful appearance at the Refrigeration Exhibition, mutual exchanges, learning, and competition with well-known brands at home and abroad, it further highlights the Lotus brand advantage. Our company will take advantage of this cooling exhibition to continuously carry out technical research and development and strengthen quality control, to better lead the industry in the development of standards, to create energy-saving emission reduction, to contribute their own strength.